Production Team

Jilann Spitzmiller/ Consultant

Jilann Spitzmiller is a Documentary Producer, Director, Editor, and Cinematographer whose award-winning work has been shown around the globe.  She won a Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism for her work in the POV PBS documentary, CRITICAL CONDITION, which she co-produced and co-directed.  She produced the award-winning SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS and co-directed, produced and edited HOMELAND which aired on PBS. In April 2018, Still Dreaming was featured on PBS.  Other credits include A&E, Bravo and VH1. Her work for the Indigo Girls is included in WATERSHED, a one-hour biographical video released by Sony Music.  Recently, Meow Wolf: Origin Story, co-produced by Jilann, premiered at SXSW 2018.

 A Sundance Institute Fellow and 3-time ITVS funding recipient, Jilann has been working as a full time filmmaker for 30+ years. 




Marcelina Martin
Kimberli Munkres/Writer

Kim Munkres is a writer and artist who was born and raised in Northern California where her family has lived for many generations. She has been widely published both professionally and personally.

 She is passionate about creative community building for the cultural arts and is the cofounder of the Redlands Arts Collaborative and Common Ground Conversations. Kim co-founded two women’s creative writing groups, including one that focused on the sacredness of women’s eroticism. As a potter and ritualist, clay roots Kim’s sense of the divine as a shaper of matter, the feminine as a sacred vessel. She is known for her uncommon obvara-fired vessels.

Professionally, Kim is an award-winning Integrated Brand Strategist and writer for ThunderWheel Communications where she works with organizations that change the world. She is the coauthor of “Beyond the Press Release: A Public Relations Handbook for Nonprofits” and lectures on public relations, marketing communications, and brand strategy.

Marcelina Martin
Marcelina Martin / Director, Writer, Producer

Marcelina Martin is based in Mill Valley, CA. Prior to working in video production, she was a freelance photographer. She holds a BFA in photography. During her years in Atlanta she was involved with the Women's Movement and Civil Rights, documenting events of each from 1969-1975. In 1972 she traveled with John Lewis and Julian Bond in Mississippi as a videographer for a documentary on Black Voter Registration. She began producing short videos in 2005. Her work has focused on issues ranging from raw foods to clean water in India. Her first feature-length documentary, Mining The Unconscious, was shown in nine film festivals including the Santa Fe Film Festival, Dharamshala International Film Festival, Woodstock Museum Film Festival, Phoenix Underground Film Festival, Largo Film Festival, and the Foundation for Universal Responsibility His Holiness the Dali Lama. She is in pre-production with her second feature-length documentary Elsa: I Come With My Songs.


Marcelina Martin
Dakota Fine/ Director of Photography

Dakota Fine is a photo/video journalist and documentarian with more than a decade of story-telling experience in both stills and video. Dakota has worked for the Washington Post as a video-journalist, made short films for the Robertson Enterprise Development Fund, and served as Director of Photography for AEG’s concert division, producing content for Goldenvoice. Awarded by FOTOWEEK, in 2017, Dakota’s photography was exhibited at SXSW. Past clients include National Geographic, Travel Channel, The Washington Post and the Human Rights Campaign.

Dakota has been writing and producing short films, creating web-based multimedia content for online distribution, and regularly going out on assignment as a photographer and videographer for publications, political and advertising campaigns, and corporate clients. He is currently living in LA and working for Vice News.

Marcelina Martin